Palette My current projects are at Nollamara and Montrose Primary schools. I am running a workshop with a group of students that come from year five, six and seven. It has been a very challenging adventure, for both the students and me. Being used to working in my safe little studio, away from any prying eyes, the sudden exposure was nerve wracking. Suddenly I found myself with a group of over excited students who had no idea of how to hold a brush and mix colours. Paint was splattered not only onto the ground, in the air, but also on me. Water was dripping off the brushes; loud voices asked me a thousand questions at once. Behind us there was a constant audience that consisted of parents, other students and staff members.
Nollamara Primary School I never felt more exposed. My ideas and painting techniques were ruthlessly judged and loudly expressed for everyone to hear. After this experience I am ready to embark on any type of professional critique that comes my way. However, I did learn a lot from my students. They presented a simple honesty that was truly special and eye opening. Their remarks were worth listening to. They also taught me how to let go of something and then to step in and reclaim it once again. It was also a pleasure to see how my interests and passions had been absorbed and applied in the correct way by the students.
Montrose Primary School While guiding my group of students during my ten week workshop, I noticed how much they improved. They slowly started to take pride in their work. At the end we all knew our tasks and started to function like a team. I hope that through this project the students at Nollamara and Montrose Primary schools have managed to learn that art is fun, but also an individual and group work activity where a lot of planning is required.