Once upon a time, not that long ago, there was creative pattern. This particular creation was later borrowed and included into my visual imagination.

Silent Organs This obsessive – compulsive fascination with visual pattern started with an innocent splash of paint. This rather unexpected gesture on my part has turned my canvas into a ruined blue background from were a simple form of pattern appeared and started to tickle my imagination. Pattern has become my weakness, a passion that allows me to narrate stories and emotions. For me, pattern has become a broad subject area to investigate. It may be linked to many different eras and practices in visual art, such as the prehistoric visual rituals, narrator of cultural beliefs or a part of the Industrial Revolution in the western culture. Throughout the various stages, pattern was often considered and widely exploded as a visual messenger and narrator.
Blood Heritage Pattern can be depicted in visual practice as a designed image that is continually repeated, or it may also be presented as a singular motif that depicts repetitive value. Pattern may allow for artists like myself, and the viewer, to drift back and forth between the real and the imaginary world. A world where fantasy, abstract ideas and forms exist and enter into new dimensional levels of consciousness. For each individual, pattern represents a unique calculated code structure. Not everyone experiences art (in this case pattern) in the same way, but it may stimulate some kind of emotion in a viewer which may link him or her to the past or present. To something that was, may be or an emotion that they treasure and guard.
Grandfather From all these ideas; I wanted to create a particular setting in my paintings: where a different imaginary atmosphere may exist and become an almost dream-like unreality. In this unreality the boundaries between fact and fiction change, creating a different world that reflects our very own. This particular world, that I have tried to create in my paintings, has been drawn from gathered information on pre-historic Slavic and contemporary western culture in pattern making. It has enabled me to enter and later present a personal perception of pattern making. Also, throughout my work I have tried to create a feeling of stillness, elegance and slight play with illusion. For what is really the real in the imaginary aspect of pattern making?